Product Photography Batista Studio

How important is product photography?

How you present your products on social media or in your online shop is an important part of selling them! If you are doing product photography by yourself, you have...
Week planner //

Free week planner

Do you struggle with all the to-do's and tasks of your work and family life? Do you need to effectively plan your week? This free week planner helps you focus...
product quality

How to increase product quality

"Whatever you are doing, work at it whole-souled as for Jehovah, and not for men."COLOSSIANS 3:23 Thank you so much for your overwhelming support on my post about the product...
Product Prices

Product prices affect your community

"Let each one keep seeking, not his own advantage, but that of the other person."1 CORINTHIANS 10:24 My dear friends, today I have a very important issue to talk about....
Color-coding card //

Free Color-Coding Card

I wanted to do a color-coding card for such a long time now! And, as luck would have it, yesterday's update of the JW Library app contains TWO NEW highlighting...
Use your time wisely

Use your time wisely

Due to the global pandemic, lots of you have to stay home from work and from our weekly meetings. Also, our social life is restricted and most of us can't meet friends from our congregations. We are already some weeks into this situation and we might have been motivated at the beginning. But, and I am including myself, sometimes we can feel unmotivated and have difficulties getting stuff done. This is totally normal in this situation but we can get new inspiration to use your time wisely. What can we do to concentrate on spiritual and positive things?
Free Memorial Bible Reading Plan //

Free Memorial Bible Reading Plan

This year will be a historical Memorial for most of us! Because of government restrictions regarding the Coronavirus, we can only commemorate Jesus' death in small groups or even just as a family.
Free Study Project Planner

Free Study Project Planner

Download your new study project planner for free! I have been planning to publish this study project template for quite some time now. During this difficult time where a lot of you have to stay home, we have more time to concentrate on our spiritual life. Start a new study project and organize your last projects. Although the JW Library App is a huge help to keep your notes organized, I need to visualize my study projects.
THIS IS THE WAY // free digital wallpaper //

THIS IS THE WAY // free digital wallpaper

Finally, I am back to work and have lots of new and cool ideas for you! At first, I wanted to give you this new design as a digital wallpaper for your phones and tablets. How do you like it? After I had a survey in my Instagram Stories, I created this in several languages and lots of colors. Some of the designs are also available as greeting cards, art prints, stickers, and other cool products.