Free Memorial Bible Reading Plan

This year will be a historical Memorial for most of us! Because of government restrictions regarding the Coronavirus, we can only commemorate Jesus’ death in small groups or even just as a family. This sure will be a situation we have to get used to, but still, we will never forget this Memorial. I took my time to prepare a free memorial Bible reading plan, based on our daily text brochure. You can download it for free and either print it or use it digitally on your phone or tablet. Tell me here in the comments or on my Instagram account how you liked my free memorial Bible reading plan!

Free Memorial Bible Reading Plan //

Start a new study project

In the meantime start a new study project and organize your last projects with my free study project planner. Although the JW Library App is a huge help to keep your notes organized, I need to visualize my study projects. This planner helps you to do that. You can use it digitally on your tablet with a notetaking app or print it as many times as you like.

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