Product prices affect your community

“Let each one keep seeking, not his own advantage, but that of the other person.”


My dear friends, today I have a very important issue to talk about. How do product prices affect your community? First I have to say, I love our community of JW designers, artists & shops here and on Instagram. But what really shocks me is seeing designers and shop owners sell their products for a fraction of average prices.

To all my dear fellow designers, let me tell you something: By offering dumping prices, you’re not only degrading & disrespecting your OWN HARD WORK but also that of your competitors. And we’re not competitors, but dear colleagues! 😍

When you decide to run a business, even if it is just on the side, please get familiar with business & marketing basics, e.g. how to calculate product prices! Also, look up similar products & base your prices on market averages. If you think you will sell more when you’re prices are low, you’re WRONG! That just causes people to NOT think very highly of your products! Never forget that quality goes over quantity!

We have to keep learning & developing our skills in all aspects of our life. That means, invest in some online courses about your industry! That will help you appreciate your own work even more and be more confident about it! I know a lot of us creatives are having doubts about their work or even experiencing impostor syndrome (if you don’t know what that is, look it up). But think about your work like that: you are offering products/services that HELP OTHERS in their everyday life!

☛ Don‘t be shy to show off your work and highlight the quality of it. If you want to increase the quality of your product read this: How to improve product quality

☛ Don’t apologize for your fair prices! Don’t be afraid that people won’t be able to afford your products. If they really love your products, they will save up and buy them anyway!

To all our dear clients, we don’t aim to get rich by offering products for reasonable prices, we just want to be able to KEEP offering products & services FOR YOU! We are also not doing this because we don’t have anything else to do, we are very busy in our spiritual life too. But we need to pay the bills like the rest of us! Especially now with the crisis and chaos going on, a lot of us depend on you. Shop small businesses! Look for quality! Compare similar products! Don‘t buy just because it’s cheap! Be careful when a price seems too good to be true!


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