LOVE NEVER FAILS // printed gifts for conventions and other JW events //

LOVE NEVER FAILS // printed goods

Last week I launched my Interactive Convention Notebook and I prepared a lot of additional products for you with the three cover designs. For example, you can decorate your home with the motto Love Never Fails with art prints, framed prints, serving trays, coasters and small boxes.
BOOKMARKS // read the bible daily

BOOKMARKS // read the bible daily

Bookmark READ THE BIBLE DAILY with a silver satin ribbon especially designed to fit the NWT 2013 edition in light grey. It is a beautiful gift idea for your friends, for regional and international conventions or pioneer schools. The best thing is, you can also use it as a gift tag for presents or even flower bouquets.


I am so happy to show you a really beautiful collaboration I recently did with Ink & Paper Station for the February 2019 Letter Writing Box. This thoughtful and beautiful curated box has all the essentials you need to write a letter! Your quarterly box will come with 10 to 15 individual and exclusive items. In other words, it includes all the materials (and perhaps a few goodies) needed for witnessing by letter. In conclusion, you will be "completely equipped for every good work" (or rainy day) as you "fully accomplish your ministry"!


2 February 2019 was a very special day for all of the German-speaking congregations. We had the privilege to receive the revised New World Translation in German. It is still written in a very high standard language but modern and so clear! It is such a pleasure to read it! We have been waiting so long and are so happy and thankful to finally hold the new translation in our hands. I sketched some illustrations with the new Bible. This one is available for purchase as an art print, poster, stationery card, notebook, phone case, and acrylic tray.


A couple of days ago I showed this illustration in my Instagram stories. I received so many messages about this illustration that I used this design for some print products. These include art prints, framed prints, posters, stationery cards, canvas bags, and wrapping paper.

LOVE // printed products

A couple of weeks ago I presented you a new freebie for you to download and use on your mobile devices. It shows the 9 fruits of the spirit with love highlighted in red in a modern calligraphy style. Now I used this design for some print products. These include art prints, framed prints, posters, stationery cards, and wrapping paper. Finally, they are available for you.