The Time is Now 2020/21

Today I am so proud to finally present the service year planner The Time is Now 2020/21. During product development and design, I often felt somehow overwhelmed and didn’t know if it would ever be finished. Some days I even want to just delete everything and start something completely different… And then I had to add 15,000 (!!!) links to the planner and I almost went crazy. But, you should never give up and finish what you’ve started and I really like how it turned out. So, let me tell you a little bit about this amazing digital planner.

The Time is Now 2020/21
The Time is now 2020/21
The Time is Now 2020/21

The Name

First I want to explain the name The Time is Now. Somehow I didn’t like the idea to just call my product Service Year Planner. I will renew the planner every year, so this is a reoccurring product and therefore I thought it was nice to have a catchy name. The name seemed very fitting because we have to plan our time wisely and use our time for our priorities like ministry.

The Cover

The cover is designed in a linen texture and is available in 16 different colors, both in landscape and portrait format. Just choose the color and format you like most. And the best thing is, you can always change it as you go.

The Time is Now 2020/21

The Calendar

So, the calendar is the most important part of the planner. I designed the calendar in four different ways. There is a yearly calendar in three different formats. Then, there is the monthly calendar each in two different formats. Also, the weekly calendar is available in two different formats. In addition to that, the daily calendar consists of several useful segments.

The monthly, weekly, as well as the daily calendars, have got their own segments for your monthly service report. This makes the planner ideal for all pioneers or aspiring pioneers. All the calendar pages are hyperlinked to the respecting segments or pages.

The Time is Now 2020/21

The Planners and Templates

Last but not least, you may love the planners I designed especially for you! They include habit trackers, service hour trackers, meal and goal planner, project planner, and a lot of note templates. At the end, you even have templates for important contacts.

The Time is Now 2020/21

The Digital Stickers

As a special bonus, I designed some useful digital stickers you can add as much as you like. The 80+ stickers can easily be added with the File app using a split-screen. Just drag and drop them into your planner.

How to Use it

This planner is primarily designed to use in the note-taking app Goodnotes. It is also working most of the time with similar apps. If you need some help with the use of digital planners, please see my tutorials here. PLEASE ONLY BUY THIS PLANNER IF YOU HAVE SOME EXPERIENCE WITH GOODNOTES AND DIGITAL PLANNERS. If you’re new to digital planners, use my freebies to try out and learn a new and exciting way to organize your life!

The Time is Now 2020/21

Ok, are you curious yet?

Head over to my ETSY product page to know more details and to look at some examples of this planner.


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